The Haunted History Of The Audubon House Doll

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A strange occurrence took place in Key West, Florida back more than 200 years ago. A doll belonged to a little girl, who had died from a cholera epidemic that killed many other children during this time. They were brought to the Audubon house in Key West. This residence, was once the home of Captain Jack Geiger, a well-known wrecker and his 12 different children.  

Sadly, these children would end up spending their very last days inside and sheltered away from the local townsfolk. With so many deaths that happened here, the place had an unsettling aura about it. A creepy doll, was said to have literally got up and walked out of the building by itself. There were a number of frightened witnesses, who couldn’t believe what they had seen. Their testimonies live on today, as a reminder of this time.

Audubon House Doll

This unusual doll, was found by a maid from under a bush in the garden here. This doll was thought to belong to one little girls here. An unsettling portrait still hangs at the house of the doll which was later turned into a museum back in 1960. Even more creepily is at night, the portrait of this doll is said to wail at night.

Some visitors that come through here, are said to break down into tears. There is a sense of sadness here, as these restless spirits might be lingering behind. Their misery may manifest in some spiritual way. Later on, there was an elaborate security system which was put in.

The museum manager, often had to return to the Audubon house due to the alarms that were set off. Were they tripped by this haunted doll? Most of the activity that happened here late at night came from the children’s room. It is assumed this is where many of these children had died.

Little Girl Portrait/The Audubon House

Different security guards who worked here, reported seeing something in the window at night but when they went to investigate, there was no one there. From what is understood, whenever visitors came to the museum to take pictures, they would experience different problems with their camera.

Most of the time, the pictures would not show up at all or they had black streaks which appeared on them. One person had the back of their camera swing open suddenly, only to lose what they photographed from being exposed.

This same photographer, was from the Discovery Channel. They were determined to disprove this story about the doll. So, they returned and took more pictures later. This photograph is one taken of this very doll. A black streak can be seen, that runs along the edge of the photo.

This location is said to be one of the most haunted places in all of the world. One night, the doll vanished, from the alarmed locked room. It has never been seen since.

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