Tree Women Found In The Forest

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There are many mysterious things in the world, that defy a logical explanation. Our imaginations can sometimes get the best of us. However, sometimes things so closely resemble different shapes, that they tend to remind us of something.

A number of trees located around in different parts of the world, seemingly resemble a woman. Is this Mother Nature in another form? These manifestations, appear to look like women posed in different positions.

Tree women in the forest

Mother Nature, is to be respected and is a symbol representing both the life-giving and nurturing aspects of nature from embodying it. Perhaps these photos represent this in a literal form. These are natural statues made by nature, appear to be as different shapely women.

They are perhaps representations of the form of mother. The word “nature” comes from the Latin word, “natura”, meaning birth or character. The origination seems to stem from Ancient Greece, which dates back for many years.

Tree Woman

While wandering out in the wilderness and stumbling upon these tree women, they would both surprise and catch anyone off guard. Just like looking at a cloud in the sky, often people can see different things from their imagination.

Certainly in different cultures, people believe different things. Perhaps when someone came across one of these trees many years ago, they may have thought them to be a tree spirit or goddess of some sort.

Tree woman in forest

Trees give so much back to people, providing us with shelter and even being transformed into the homes we live in. Tree Huggers are those who want to protect the environment such as an environmentalist. On the other end of the spectrum, there are those who jump at any chance to destroy the forests for profit. A constant battle it seems, happens in our very world.

Tree Moss Woman Forest

The wise wanderer respects Mother Nature, embraces her beauty and learns from her ways. Nature is both mysterious and powerful. Mankind forgets just how vulnerable we really all are. Often people get wrapped up in their everyday routines, not paying attention to the nature around them. No doubt these tree women are unique specimens, that have been discovered.

Creepy Tree Woman In Forest

There are other trees that appear to look like men, animals and other things that have also been found. We would like to thank these fine folks, who captured all these unusual looking trees and shared these interesting photos with everyone.

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