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If You Have This Blood Type, You Might Be Part Alien

According to research, most if not all the people who have been abducted by aliens, share one thing in common. They all have RH negative blood. What this means is, the person possesses alien DNA. Further studies show, that RH negative blood types, do not possess the evolutionary gene derived from rhesus monkeys. Other blood

Strange Humanoid Captured On Video Inside Cave

Seen in this bizarre cave footage, appears to be some kind of creature. Speculations are, everything from a mutated large bat, to a Nephilim of some kind. The footage was examined later by the Australian expeditioners, who explored a cave located in Douglas Shire, Queensland. During the entire video, audio reverberations can be heard bouncing

Mummified Foot Long Finger Found

A discovery made in Egypt, that has since made many question our very history. The question is, whether or not giant sized people once roamed the Earth? Perhaps quite possibly, there are a few remaining descendants, left lingering somewhere. Far fetched? Maybe not. There is actual evidence, which has been presented previously…dating all the way

Mystifying mummy found in Peru raises questions

A rather fascinating discovery has been made in the country of Peru recently. Author and speaker L. A. Marzulli made his way to a private museum that suffered from earthquake damage. With permission and contacts, he was able to enter this location along with his cameraman. They photographed a rather unusual mummy, enclosed inside a