Strange Humanoid Captured On Video Inside Cave

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Seen in this bizarre cave footage, appears to be some kind of creature. Speculations are, everything from a mutated large bat, to a Nephilim of some kind. The footage was examined later by the Australian expeditioners, who explored a cave located in Douglas Shire, Queensland.

During the entire video, audio reverberations can be heard bouncing from the rocks. This makes hearing what they are saying difficult. However, while this team was exploring this cave, they initially didn’t notice whatever was lurking in the shadows.

Whatever this thing is, it seems to have some humanoid type quality about it. At first glance, this thing appears to be sitting Indian style, with its legs crossed. Two glowing spots, appear to be illuminating from its chest region as well. Are these some kind of eyes? Perhaps, so.

humanoid cave creature Australia

If this is some kind of mutant type bat, then it is enormous. The largest known bat species located in Australia, is the flying fox bat. This bat has a dark grey colored body with reddish brown fur around its collar. It is a known fruit bat, which makes this highly unusual by comparison.

The large flying fox is among the largest species of bat. It weighs 0.65–1.1 kg (1.4–2.4 lb) and has a wingspan of up to 1.5 m (4 ft 11 in). Its head-body length is 27–32 cm (11–13 in). It’s head is shaped and looks like that of a fox, hence the name.

More than likely, this isn’t a flying fox bat. This is something else entirely. After the camera is seen moving towards the left side of the frame, this humanoid creature can be seen. The creature appears to be sitting inside a crevice within the cave.

Nick Malicki, the lead explorer of this expedition, said that his estimation was this thing would be at least 10 feet when standing upright. He planned to one day return to this location, to see if they could find this creature again.

Nick Malicki cave creature Australia

“Normally I know the smell of these things,” Nick said. “but one of the guys had a flaming torch so I couldn’t catch his sent over the kerosene.” Nick has dedicated most of his life to finding evidence to support the existence of Nephilim, a legendary race of giants who are said to be the offspring of the “sons of God” and the “daughters of men”.

There is also the chance this might be nothing more than Pareidolia. This happens when the mind responds to something familiar such as a shape, pattern or sound where none actually exists. Whatever this thing actually was, has left people perplexed.

(Source: Reddit)

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