Mummified Foot Long Finger Found

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A discovery made in Egypt, that has since made many question our very history. The question is, whether or not giant sized people once roamed the Earth? Perhaps quite possibly, there are a few remaining descendants, left lingering somewhere. Far fetched? Maybe not. There is actual evidence, which has been presented previously…dating all the way back to the year 1985.

Mummified Foot Long Finger Found

A giant mummified finger was found, it is estimated to be somewhere around 38 centimeters long or 1.2 feet in length. The finger nearly came into the possession of a Swiss entrepreneur by the name of Gregor Spörri. Also being an antiquity enthusiast, he mentioned that he regretted not buying the fabled large finger after seeing it for himself.

The first time he recalled seeing the finger, was inside of an oblong package. It had a distinctive type smell, that was musty as well. Allegedly, a grave robber came into possession of the finger.

Rather suspiciously, when it comes time to talk seriously about giant humans or any kind of evidence brought forth about this, agencies such as the Smithsonian rebuke the idea of it. What are they hiding or covering up? It is rather curious.

An X-ray, along with an authentication certificate, was once in his hands. Years later, when Spörri talked about the finger he fancied, the general public back in 2012, were rather intrigued about it. Even today, some people find this quite interesting.

Mummified Foot Long Finger Found measurements

Spörri went on to say, “I was totally flabbergasted when I saw the dark brown giant finger. I was allowed to take it in hand and also to take pictures. A bill was put next to it, to get a size comparison. The bent finger was split open and covered with dried mold”.

The question of whether or not, this is any kind of real evidence about the Nephilim, still remains a hot debate. In the Bible, (Genesis 6:4) the Nephilim were labeled as “heroes of old, men of renown”. The results were believed to be from God having offspring. The name resides within the old Testament as ‘nephilim’ meaning ‘fallen ones’.

Foot Long Finger Found

After Spörri left Egypt, he wanted to learn more about the giant-sized finger. He would return again back in 2009. He desperately wanted to track down the man, who now was in possession of the extraordinary large finger. Unable to find him, it left both Spörri, researchers and scientists all scratching their heads. Was the man trying to cover his tracks?

According to Spörri, the grave robber who found the finger, also had a certificate of Authenticity and an X-ray image, both of which are from the 1960’s. The entire incident, remains a mysterious one indeed. There are other discoveries which have been claimed, including footprints, skulls and more. Maybe someone out there knows more, we can only hope for answers until then. Now, the photographs are the only proof of the finger actually existing. Maybe more information will surface again one day.

(Source: Ancient Code)

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