Russian Soldiers Turn To Stone From Alien Encounter

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A reported was released by the KGB, documenting an encounter that took place on March 27, 1993. When Mikhail Gorbachev lost power in 1991, there were a number of KGB files that came into the possession of the American CIA.

Among these documents, was a dossier about a UFO encounter which consists of 250 pages. This document includes both witnesses testimonies, among a number of drawing and pictures. This report appeared in a Ukrainian newspaper known as Ternopil vechirniy. The report, is both scary and compelling.

There was some evidence of an extraterrestrial presence, that government officials crossed paths with. A flying saucer was flying low over top of a military group during training. The encounter took place over Siberia. One soldier, decided to fire at the UFO, with a type of air missile to bring it down.  

The report mentions, there were in total five short statured humanoids with large black eyes and large shaped heads. These alien entities, got out of the flying saucer spacecraft upon impact when the missile struck their ship.

In total, there were two soldiers who survived the encounter…after 23 others stood to watch everything around them. These 23 men, were transformed into stone after a brilliant white spherical ball of light suddenly emerged.

This ball apparently both buzzed and hissed, after being released by these extraterrestrial entities. The ball exploded and whatever was released transformed the soldiers bodies into statues. The two survivors were standing in cover assumed to be trees in a shaded area.

The KGB report continues mentioning that the remains of the petrified soldiers, were taken to a secret research institution near Moscow. Obviously, this technology is beyond what we have here on Earth. The power of this weapon is quite incredible, it can transform living organisms into different molecular structures, comparable to that of limestone rock.

One representative from the CIA said, “If the KGB file corresponds to reality, this is an extremely menacing case. The aliens possess such weapons and technology, that go beyond all our assumptions”.

It is unknown why the document by the CIA, was kept. The translation was done by this same Ukrainian newspaper. The source stems from the Canadian Weekly World News, known for publishing outrageous fictional news headlines.

If there is any truth in this, humans should be scared. Grey aliens, are also referred to as Zeta Reticulans. Some researchers believe, that these types of aliens are in actuality biological robots used to obtain human souls.

This process is done through the manipulation of human DNA. From this, aliens create their very own souls for existence. One day, we hope to learn the real truth of why they are actually here. It remains a mystery until then. Also, it is unknown, whether or not the extraterrestrials were captured or taken to the same facility in Moscow. Perhaps someone out there knows more.

(Source: Express UK)

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