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Sober Sue New York

The Woman Who Never Laughed

Imagine never being able to crack a smile, smirk or laugh uncontrollably. This was reality for one woman back 100 years ago. Her nickname was “Sober Sue”. She later became a celebrity of sorts...

2 dolls

Mysterious moving mannequins

Perhaps one of the creepiest places that exists is located not far from the New Hamburg train station in New Hamburg, New York. This place is decorated with mannequins all over. The place was...

clown on road

Creepy clowns invade the streets

Considered performance art by some to others these encounters are completely terrifying. Several years ago, people were reporting strange sightings of clowns in the streets. Why they are there is questionable. What is known...

Greek Man burned

Man bursts into flames at gas station

When we get gas from a gas station, we don’t think about the danger of it. Sometimes freaky things can actually happen. This time around a 45 year old Greek man named Igor Pataco...