Baseball Player Captures Alleged Bigfoot On Camera

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While Major League Baseball player Jordy Mercer was outside during the day at his property, he managed to capture something strange.

The figure photographed appears to be that of a Bigfoot. Some think it looks too fake to be real and is some kind of statue. Perhaps someone was pulling a prank on him. Either way, it was kind of different. 

The 33-year-old baseball veteran, reportedly captured the images on the 18th and 19th of November at his ranch located in Oklahoma. Curiously, only two photos were taken without any kind of video.

Nowadays, it is easy to start recording video from someones phone. However, the two photos taken, were allegedly from a deer camera on his property.

Mercer went on to comment, “Anyone know what this is? Showed up back to back days on my deer camera!” 

The photos were later shared on social media and people are pondering about it. Whether or not these photos were supposed to be taken seriously is another question. Likely someone is trying to prank him. This ‘Bigfoot’ could simply be someone dressed up in a costume.

The state that has the most number of Bigfoot sightings each year is Washington. Currently, there have been 2,032 sightings reported about this year so far. California comes in at second place with 1,697 sightings followed by Pennsylvania with 1,340 sightings. Even a town in New York known as Whitehall has adopted Bigfoot as its official animal.

Other states around the country have also reported about Bigfoot sightings elsewhere. It seems Bigfoot is most often sighted in North America over all. However, other locations in the world tend to have sightings as well. 

Whether or not these are figments of people’s imagination or something really bizarre is happening is another story. The hairy bipedal beast, has become a part of culture and continues to fascinate many people. Perhaps one day real defined proof will exist about Bigfoot. Until then, we can only wonder about these kind of photos.

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