Woman Freaks Out On Airplane Seeing Something “Not Real” Update

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This flight caused quite a stir, as one woman suddenly decided to leave the airplane before flying from Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW). Before exiting the plane, she was emotional and yelled out to other passengers the following:

I’m telling you, I’m getting the f**k off and there’s a reason why I’m getting the f**k off and everyone can either believe it or they can not believe it! I don’t give two f**ks, but I am telling you right now — that m*****f****g back there is not real. And, you can sit on this plane and you can die with them or not. I’m not going to.”

A police report was apparently created but the unidentified passenger was allowed to leave without any kind of consequences. She then called for an Uber driver and left the premises.  Typically, a report would be made and someone would likely be handcuffed and escorted after causing such a disturbance. At least by the on duty airport police officers. Otherwise, of course the police would arrive on the scene after being called in. 

The funny thing is, the person in question that this woman was upset about was never questioned. While there are some people who believe this woman is telling some kind of truth, others think she was upset over something else and decided to act out in such a way. Had she been drinking or was she on some kind of medication? The entire incident is a perplexing one as it delayed the flight for a while, one report said a 3 hour delay.

Other weird things about this incident. Comedian “Carrot Top” was on board the same flight. He states later that she was upset about this woman losing her AirPods. However, she can be heard saying she doesn’t care about any of her personal belongings with some choice curse words said. 

Image: YouTube

The woman was allegedly identified as being either Tiffany Gomas or Jenna Wilson. However, this isn’t clear yet. One thought is, she was an actress hired for this moment as either part of some kind of promotion or she was sent by the airline itself to delay this flight for whatever reason. Right now, there is a massive shortage of airline workers, pilots and flight attendants around the country. 

This may have been done as part of some kind of stunt to intentionally delay things as part of a cover up of operations. It seems kind of bizarre but with the economy and everything else happening it might make some kind of sense. Other speculations about this are more of a paranormal perspective. Did this woman actually witness something from out of the ordinary? The video is quite interesting and is going viral around the internet right now. 

She genuinely seems terrified in some respect but she tries to send out some kind of warning to others about what she had seen. As mentioned in the original article, she begins to gesture with her left hand a Baphomet symbol. She uses two of her fingers. This symbolism means “as above, so below”. This might be referring to being up in the air during the flight in this instance. 

Everyone has their ups and downs, but this lady really looks scared and for whatever reason she was let go without a trace. What is really strange, is how the police handled the entire situation. They did not detain her as mentioned before. It was like she had used mind control on them. TSA did come to the scene and conducted a “full rescreening of the aircraft”. 

Image: YouTube

The mystery woman known as Tiffany Gomas or Jenna Wilson did attempt to get back to the secure side of the terminal without avail. She was then not allowed to enter the flight again according to what the report said. 

“Gonzalez accompanied officers and a written criminal trespass notice was created,” the report read. “Due to Gonzalez being the manager of American Airlines at Terminal A, she was able to sign the notice. Gomas departed before signing.”

Tiffany-Gomas airplane freak out not real
Image: YouTube

According to public records, Tiffany Gomas is an Oklahoma State University graduate who emerged as a “rising star” in Texas’ business and marketing sector. Named among Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) Magazine’s 2017 “20 Most Watchable Young Leaders”, Gomas navigated a successful career change from recruitment to marketing, reaching the echelons of the C-suite.

The name Jenna Wilson has also been associated with this mystery woman. There may be another name as well but so far this is what has been reported about. The details are sketchy but nonetheless this makes for a good conspiracy story.

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