Woman Gets Sucked Into Her Parents Grave, Sues Cemetery For $5 Million Dollars

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Imagine going to the cemetery to visit loved ones, only to discover that you yourself may have died from an accidental death. While 64 year old Joanne Cullen from North Bellmore, was at her parents’ grave located in Long Island, New York. The ground beneath her nearly devoured her. It seems a sinkhole opened up, due to neglect and the ground became quite unstable.

St. Charles Resurrection Cemetery

After a few moments passed by, she fell striking her head on a nearby tombstone. She managed to crack one of her teeth as well. The hole opened up rather quickly it seems – giving her little time to react.

From the information presented by her lawyer, Cullen was an ’emotional wreck’ after the incident. She claims to be suffering from nightmares and headaches over this incident. No longer will she wander through open fields, especially alone.

“Getting sucked into your parents’ grave when you go to visit them on a cool December afternoon with the sun going down…it’s terrifying and traumatizing,” her lawyer said.

Now, the St. Charles Resurrection Cemetery is being sued for $5 million dollars over what happened by Joanne Cullen. From what is understood, the sinkhole opened up due to an adjacent grave issue. This nearby grave was filled in and caused a collapse nearby.

When Cullen attempted to grab the sides of the tombstone, she then fell deeper into the hole made. As she cried out for help, there was nobody else around when she fell in…that could hear her screaming.

Accidents happen fast and you never know what could happen. Nobody could ever expect something like this to happen to them. Cullen remembers her beloved parents John who worked as a roofer and her mother Evelyn who worked as a bookkeeper. If she returns pending this lawsuit, she will be far more cautious it seems. All of this has been very emotional for her.

(Source: Fox News)

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