Mysterious moving mannequins

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John Lawson House New Hamburg NY

Perhaps one of the creepiest places that exists is located not far from the New Hamburg train station in New Hamburg, New York. This place is decorated with mannequins all over. The place was once owned by John Lawson which was built back in 1845. This is one of the last standing structures that survived the 1877 fires which happened here.

There are a number of female life sized dolls which are dressed differently on occasion. They are also moved around in different poses varying each day. The mysterious secret as to why this happens still remains a mystery. The mannequins give a real creepy vibe to this place.

2 dolls

Many are curious about it and try to wander by watching to see if the mannequins manage to move by themselves. Some people think this place is indeed haunted in some way. Those trying to take a peek inside are blinded by the dark curtains which hang covering all of the windows.

Adding to the mystery of this place is the fact that historically in 1871, a record breaking cold wave swept over the area. This contributed to a nasty train wreck which happened. It killed 22 people all of them who died not more than several hundred feet away from the house. Perhaps their spirits still linger in this area taking possession of the mannequins here.


These mannequins seemingly move each day facing different directions, which can been seen in various photographs. (The number of them seems to change also daily). Aside from the mannequins located on the porch, are cut up milk containers which have potpourri inside of them. These are changed from different locations each day. A sling-shot hangs from the ceiling, an empty bird-cage along with a white stool and small white towel.

dolls on porch

The neighbors here have no idea about who owns this place. It is one of six different properties on this block all known as the Main Street Historic District. At night light peers through a drape which covers the front doorway. People wonder who and what is going on inside of this creep house.


There is a vegetable garden around the backyard and on rainy days the dolls are gone inside of the home. At night the mannequins are reported to move around. One person claimed to have come here knocking on the door after seeing a fainted light on inside. They heard movement but nobody answered the door.

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