Brooklyn man documents his paranormal experiences

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Brooklyn New York

A Brooklyn man, claims he has captured photographic and video evidence of real paranormal happenings around his home. His name is Charles Brandon and also mentions that he can see dead people using his gift. Charles is 50 years old and has witnessed everything from doors opening by themselves to cups being thrown around different rooms.

ghost on wall

Many faces have been seen inside of mirrors and even on walls around his home. Perhaps something or someone else previously lived there and they are upset about him staying there. Brandon mentioned that his home isn’t haunted per say, but is actually being used as a weigh station for the dead before they reach their final destination.

He believes that every home has this type of paranormal activity within it. Obviously, older homes have a longer history with such events, as people once lived there from before.

These ghostly spirits have tried to capture his attention with their antics and to some degree they have. But it seems that Charles is determined to stay, regardless of everything that he has witnessed over time. Charles believes that with his gift, he is in actuality haunted himself. It seems spirits latch onto him and try to communicate with him nearly everywhere he goes.

People like Charles, are often refereed to as mediums. They can tap into a spiritual side and essentially reach out to the dead. These type of people are psychics in some sense, able to use their gift to communicate with deceased family, friends and others—who want to warn others or simply let them know they are okay in the afterlife. It helps people find closure with their loved ones and how their souls may still be restless until this point.

ghost in mirror

Charles mentioned that with these powers, he wants them to be taken away and doesn’t want to be here in this realm anymore. Using a sort of telepathy, he is able to connect to the spirits and understand their wants and needs. Brandon mentions that he can willfully summon different spirits and thinks that anyone can see them when they are near. Orbs have been captured on video at Brandon’s residence along with many different compelling photos.

Charles said, that he more of a civil rights activist for ghostly spirits. His ideal job is becoming that of a television host, where he can talk about summoning spirits and how to deal with the paranormal. For him, he can then finally proof his critics wrong.

Charles has a YouTube channel he has setup known as “A Brooklyn Haunting.”

Brandon still feels frustrated that not many believe him and is determined to continue with his efforts.

“You don’t choose the paranormal,” he told “The paranormal chooses you.”

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