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Hidden tomb of Osiris brings forth wonder

A rather perplexing theory has been contemplated in history. In Egypt, the tomb of Osiris was discovered back in 2015. The site, dates to the 25th Dynasty (around 700 B.C.) This was remarkable in its own right, however what was actually found is quite astounding. Somehow the alien god-king Osiris, had their tomb constructed by

Russians find ancient alien astronaut

Back during the early 1960’s, Russian KGB apparently found an ancient alien astronaut inside a pyramid during an expedition to Egypt. Initially, they entered the tomb unprotected not wearing any protective gear. When they first entered the tomb, a cloud of toxic fumes spread around the room. Not being prepared, they had to turn back

Egyptian tribute statue moves by itself on camera

This video shows what appears to be an Egyptian statue moving on its own. The relic is 10 inches tall and was placed inside a glass case at the Manchester Museum. The museum’s very first collection dates back to 1821 establishing the John Leigh Philips collection which was originally purchased in England. This particular statue