Alien reptilian defender arrested for shooting at a church

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Authorities located in Michigan, had no idea what they were going to find after receiving a phone call about a shooting. When they arrived on the scene, the police questioned the motives of a man determined to lay to rest alien reptilian invaders.

This man, allegedly opened a window and began firing aimlessly out of fear and retaliation to an invasion of sorts. While the mainstream media, has decided to make the man out to be a lunatic, perhaps there is something else hidden here, underneath the surface of things. Rationally, this entire event, didn’t make much sense, but it is so bizarre…there might be more details kept away from the general public for specific reasons.

Think about it. This incident is easier to cover up, after painting a picture of someone going or being crazy. This is easier to release, than actually admitting to the truth. Something else, may well be going on in the world. Mass panic would happen of course, after the sheeple finally awaken.

Zion Church Michigan

What is known about this incident is that the gunman went to the front part of Zion Church and then pointed a laser out the window. After this, the man began shooting from the window early in the morning, estimated to be at around 5 a.m. One bullet, penetrated the glass and struck the drywall of the church itself. After this, the gunman then drove off. All of this was captured by a surveillance video.

According to the Pastor of the church Jared Wizner, the childcare was already ready at 6 a.m. People usually come in at around this time for prayer. He was thankful that this entire event happened, before people started coming to the church. The primary concern was for everyone he said. It seems, what damage was done to the building, was quickly fixed by the Pastor and staff who were there.

Perhaps the man responsible may have not been caught if it wasn’t for the fact, that the Troy police department received a phone call about the shooting noise. During this phone call, the man mentioned how the Zion Church, was being used as an alien spaceship for reptiles. The call didn’t last long, estimated to be around 30 seconds. This was the end of the call and what they heard they couldn’t believe, according to Troy Police Captain Bob Redmond.

The Police department then traced the origination of the phone call, which happened during 5:45 a.m. The man taken into custody is 40 years old. He was arrested at his home located in Troy. Pastor Jared Wizner was thankful that nobody was harmed. He sends his prayers to the shooter, wishing him recovery as he believes that he is deeply troubled.

Image: Pastor Jared Wizner from Fox 2

Image: Pastor Jared Wizner from Fox 2

“My concern is obviously the mental health of the individual. I realize that people are confused and that this individual is confused and my heart goes out to him honestly. In anyway we can help I would want to help that person to understand whatever confusion is causing them to behave that way,” Pastor Jared Wizner said.

As the case stands now, the shooter’s mental health is under evaluation. Possibly, he may face a fine or charges for illegal discharge of a firearm within in a city. Also, the weapon he used is not registered to him so he is in possession of a firearm illegally according to Police Captain Bob Redmond. The entire event is a strange one indeed.

(Source: Fox 2)

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