Nightmares of the Megalodon

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Believed to be one of the greatest living things on Earth, this enormous sized shark known as a Megalodon is rumored to exist somewhere out in the ocean. One can only imagine, just how large this shark would be, if discovered out deep within the waters below. The sheer size of something like this, could destroy nearly anything in its path. There would be no coming back from something like this.

Megalodon shark still lives

Certainly cinema has been influenced by legendary creatures such as this. However, a number of people don’t think that this super sized shark exists, even though evidence of bitten sea life and wreckage suggests otherwise.

The Megalodon is so large in fact, that it could actually consume a whale, elephant or another large sized creature with only a few big gulping bites. The estimation of how much this thing would weigh is around 50 tons perhaps even more.

Prehistoric double tusked elephant chased by Megalodon

The sheer size and strength this aquatic fiend would have, is astounding to think about. The Megalodon is believed to be closely related to the great white shark. Others argue, that the Megalodon was related to the now extinct family known as Otodontidae.

Deeply regarded as one of the largest and most powerful fish to grace the planet, it is suggested that this giant shark would be upwards of around 82 feet in length if not more. The jaws these sharks have could bite with a force of between 110,000 to 180,000 newtons. This would be 25,00 to 40,000 lbf comparably.

Megalodon after surfer

Their massive sized teeth, would be both thick and robust able to grab their prey shattering their bones in an instant. It is thought that unlike the great white shark, the megalodon would use its powerful jaws to break the chest cavity and puncturing both the heart and lungs of its prey.

Half eaten whale

While no captive or full corpses have been found yet, the Megalodon is believed to have fought for its survival at sea. Other competition for these sharks would have included the likes of Livyatan and other ancient killer whales known as (Orcinus citoniensis).

Image: Sharkopedia Discovery Megalodon

Image: Sharkopedia Discovery Megalodon

It is thought that the Megalodon as well as its smaller cousins preferred warmer water conditions. From this, the ice age was believed to wipe out nearly all of them – as their primary food source were baleen whales. These whales shifted their habitat, as they continued to swim towards polar type regions. It is nearly impossible, to confirm that all of the Megalodon sharks have gone extinct as of yet. Perhaps a few, are still lurking in the deep seas somewhere on Earth…a scary thought no doubt.

(Source: Wikipedia)

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