Egyptian tribute statue moves by itself on camera

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This video shows what appears to be an Egyptian statue moving on its own. The relic is 10 inches tall and was placed inside a glass case at the Manchester Museum. The museum’s very first collection dates back to 1821 establishing the John Leigh Philips collection which was originally purchased in England.


This particular statue has been here for more than 80 years. What this statue represents is an offering to the Egyptian god Osiris. This Egyptian god was worshiped as the god of the afterlife, the underworld and the dead. Osiris is the mythological father of god Horus and his mother was that of goddess Isis.


The people working there have been trying to figure out why this statue continued to face the opposite direction. Some think this statue has a mystical spirit moving it during the day. The statue is clearly seen on video moving by itself. This has been uploaded several years ago and still puzzles people as no explanation has been presented—which makes any sense other than something paranormal. There are no logical explanations as to why the statue continues to move on its own.

There is no known explanation other than vibrations, causing the statue to move during daylight hours from people walking by. However, this is just a theory and nobody has conclusive evidence that this statue was moving by vibrations alone except one man name Brian Cox, who is a British physicist.


He does believe this is the case of the statue in the glass case. His further theory is that the glass case and the statuette are made from two different materials. With the weight difference, the stone on the slick glass surface makes it slide from museum onlookers wandering by. The glass then vibrates moving the heavier statuette inside.

Brian also mentioned that this particular statue was carved from steatite which was usually fired upon being made. This makes it now vulnerable to magnetic forces. Steatite has another name known as soapstone, this is often used for carving.


Perhaps a magnetic force makes the statue move. This is another theory all together. Many unique artifacts are located at the Manchester Museum and many are urged to stop by for a visit sometime if you are in the area. Still, it is rather curious why the other statues inside the glass cases aren’t moving by themselves.

Without further information, it is not known if the statue is still displayed at the Manchester Museum. However if it is, this is something that should bring people through the door.

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