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Mystifying mummies found in Peru believed to be alien reptilian

There have been a total of five mummies discovered in the last several months, all of them are believed to be carbon dated from 235 until 410 AD. The discoveries have been made in the country of Peru. If what has been said is actually true, then these mummies are not only incredible finds but

Creepy possessed doll terrifies people in Peru

Located in Cusco, Peru is a phone camera video showing a doll, that has been deemed to be possessed by something. The blonde haired doll, continues to operate despite having its batteries removed. The setting is out of the ordinary, as people gather around watching the possessed doll. The group of people are astounded by

Mystifying mummy found in Peru raises questions

A rather fascinating discovery has been made in the country of Peru recently. Author and speaker L. A. Marzulli made his way to a private museum that suffered from earthquake damage. With permission and contacts, he was able to enter this location along with his cameraman. They photographed a rather unusual mummy, enclosed inside a

Woman records alien in the Andes Mountains of Peru

With the utmost confidence, a woman managed to capture a grey alien on camera. She is from Peru and not long ago, visited a place known as Machu Picchu. This location is a mountainous region, which elevates to nearly 7,972′ feet, the radius of the area is 5.019 mi². Machu Picchu is an Incan citadel

The woman who fell to Earth

Rewind to the 1970’s. It was 1971, when Juliane Köpcke survived one of the most unbelievable plane crashes of all time. Juliane was the only survivor to literally walk away from this horrific crash. On board, there were a total of 92 passengers and crew. Juliane at the time was just 17 years old, she