This Website Generates Peoples Faces That Do Not Exist

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Artificial intelligence is something that is going to ever evolve. One day robotics will emerge with computer intelligence, making it difficult to tell whether or not the “person” is actually for real.

There are already software programs able to manipulate actual people, making them appear as if they said something or moved in a certain way. One website, demonstrates just how random faces can be created. Now imagine all of these technologies merging together. A randomly generated robot, with both intelligence and a “human look”.

The website is:

This Person Does Not Exist, was created by Uber software engineer Philip Wang. With his chip design, Philip has worked with Nvidia to create a seemingly endless stream of fake portraits. The algorithm behind this process uses a huge data set of real images. From this, a network of sorts is created known as a generative adversarial network (GAN) for short.

These People Do Not Actually Exist

These fabricated images never are entirely the same. There will always be subtle differences between these fake portraits. Every time someone refreshes the website, they will see a completely new computer generated face. When questioned about all of this, Wang explained just how much people do not understand. Artificial Intelligence, will synthesize images in the future and people will quite literally not know what is real or not.

The concept and AI framework power the website was originally created by a researcher named Ian Goodfellow. It was given the name StyleGAN. The code was made open source to be expanded upon by people from around the world.

This Person Does Not Exist

Using mimicry and manipulation, faces in theory can be created from just about any source. There are different researchers, who are already experimenting with other things including anime characters, fonts, and graffiti.

The world will be a different one for sure, as it ever evolves into something else entirely. Society will be very different for future generations to come. There are concerns about how this new technology will be used. In the wrong hands, bad things can happen.

Think about how the media, can change people’s thinking from social engineering. Politics is a prime target for manipulation and how the public perceives their political candidates. Who will people believe, the real person or a puppet-ed version of them?

(Source: The Verge)

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