Young Japanese girl waves goodbye to the ghost of her uncle

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young Japanese girl

A rather extraordinary video has been floating around the internet for the last few years, it shows a young Japanese girl eating at a dining table. This isn’t anything unusual, until her dead uncle’s face appears towards the end of the video.

But before that, his face can be seen towards the left middle part of the screen. The estimation of how old this video is, dates back to 2012. A Japanese television show, apparently were the ones who received this video initially.

When the video starts, the mother pans the camera around the room aimlessly. The little girl is seen eating her breakfast, while talking to her mother. At first it seemed innocent, until her mother noticed how her daughter was reacting to something in the room. In another moment, the dead uncle’s silhouette can also be seen from the reflection of the mirror in the adjacent room.

young Japanese girl points to dead uncle ghost

The girl begins pointing at something behind her mother. The young girl, seems fascinated and begins smiling and waving at the invisible man. At first she looked back, not seeing anything until she pans the camera behind her again. What she witnessed, was something she will never forget, as she sees her fallen relative standing before her again. (seen in the final moments of the video)

A crowd noise can be heard at the end. This was adding in post production for the television show, when it was broadcast originally. Fallen loved ones can sometimes reach out from beyond the grave—to say their final goodbyes before transcending into the afterlife. Maybe this time, it was captured on video…a final goodbye between the recently deceased and their family.

young Japanese girl dead uncle ghost capture

The mother was clearly shaken up by what she had seen. The camera begins to shake pointing around the room. After all, who wouldn’t be shaken up from seeing something such as this? Ghosts are a strange phenomena, which have captured the attention of people over time—with many stories becoming movies, television series and books.

A ghost essentially is the apparition of a dead person which manifests itself to the living. Typically it is considered a nebulous image. Depending upon what the ghost is trying to achieve—it will present itself in a specific type of formed energy.

As an example, if the ghost is trying to intimidate, it will take up an intimidating form, whereas if it is trying to fool a spiritual healer it may take the form of an angel or a positive energy. There are various different types of ghosts which can be found on this list.

Some think that this is fake of course, as this is one of the best captured ghosts on video. However, nobody really knows until they themselves have died. This makes for a good argument whether its real or not.

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