Creepy possessed doll terrifies people in Peru

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Possessed doll in Peru

Located in Cusco, Peru is a phone camera video showing a doll, that has been deemed to be possessed by something. The blonde haired doll, continues to operate despite having its batteries removed. The setting is out of the ordinary, as people gather around watching the possessed doll. The group of people are astounded by what they see and simply can’t believe it.

While the batteries were taken out, it is rather suspicious that the doll keeps functioning turning its head and talking. Perhaps a second power source of some kind—is not seen in the video, allowing the doll to keep talking and moving its head.

There isn’t much else known about the video, which was uploaded recently. This leaves it open to much speculation to whether or not its real or fake. The doll does present a rather eerie-looking persona.

Possessed doll in Peru bench

If the location was different, it would only further add to this creepy setting. More than likely, this doll is presented by a group of pranksters. The doll is placed on a bench seen in the middle of the video. During this time, the doll keeps chattering and moving its head around. One person there simply can’t believe what they are seeing.

They turn the doll over looking for any batteries inside the doll. When they can’t find any they said “on my god”. Others there begin to get worked up over the doll. If the doll is possessed by something, one can only wonder whether or not it is some sort of spirit or perhaps a demonic type possession taking place.

Did the doll belong to someone previously who died? Anything is possible as it is mere speculation at this point. Whoever put this on YouTube originally is now getting some attention and this only further leaves people to believe this is nonsense.

Video footage of this doll encounter has now been seen by many people from social media. In one cut of the video, the blonde headed doll moves its head before seemingly winking at one man there. It certainly scared him as seen.

This setting is similar to the Chucky horror franchise of films, when a possessed doll goes on a killing spree. Those who believe in the occult, are completely freaked out by this doll—wondering why it is able to do this. When one local picks up the doll, they are startled after it says to them “thank you”. Other phrases the doll muttered were “I’ll bring you your happiness” and “Where am I?”

Certainly this day, was one Peruvian people will never forget.

(Source: Coast to Coast and Mirror)

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