Mystery of the Ica Stones

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These stones have been in question by different sources throughout the world. These stones are known as Ica Stones. They are found far above the Andes Mountains. The mountains here have an average height of about 4,000 m (13,000 ft). The Andes extends from north to south through seven South American countries including: Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Perú, Bolivia, Chile, and Argentina. One area in particular known as Ica located in Peru stands out.

It is here where a rather strange discovery has been made. Unusual rocks have been found. They range from the size of a tennis ball to twice the size of a football. Made from a stone known as andesite (volcanic rock) carvings have been found on a number of rocks here. What makes this rather peculiar are the etchings made on these stones. Primitive tools would have only been available to create these, making it rather difficult as the stones are very a very hard mineral. The artwork which was done is rather impressive.

A bacteria covers these stones creating a naturalized varnishing. From scraping away this varnish revealed a lighter mineral underneath. Further examining these stones displays etchings of primitive fish species. It seems that ancient Indians existed with some modern technology advances. All of these images have been documented being done by hand. The age of the rocks themselves is rather difficult and mysterious even. Since the rocks lack organic material, they specifically cannot be dated.

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The scientific community debates about these stones and no conclusive evidence has been presented so far. However, a physician named Dr. Javier Cabrera was given a small carved andesite rock as a birthday present from a poor native. On this stone the doctor’s interest was further sparked. More locals began bringing him more carved rocks—apparently collected from a river bank near the infamous Nazca lines. Cabrera has since collected well over 15,000 different stones with many different scenes etched upon them.

Some of these scenes include dinosaurs such as stegosaurus, Apatosaurus and triceratops among others. Notably the humans depicted in the drawings were shown riding on the backs of flying pterodactyls. There are other scenes showing people looking through what appears to be some sort of telescope. And astonishingly enough people are shown performing open heart surgery and cesarean section births. Even pictures show men hunting and killing dinosaurs.

The images are rather controversial being that modern man is thought only to have existed 2 million years ago. Compare this to dinosaurs which became extinct around 60 million years ago. This meant that either dinosaurs co-existed with humans or the stones were nothing more than a hoax created by a group of people.

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