Russian river runs red

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A river in Russia has run blood red. What this means is yet to be officially determined. The locals in the area persist that a factory nearby is the cause. With the natural minerals in the river and whatever substances that are in it seem to give the river its biblical red wine look. Anything at this point is speculation of what is really going on.

The river is near the city of Norilsk. The population here consists of 175,000 people and was established back in 1935. The locals in the area are certainly startled from the discovery of this. Authorities are investigating the exact cause of this. The main suspect is a smelting plant leaking something which is more than likely the cause.


Giant metal mixing into the water which flows upstream are believed to be the cause of this. The nearby plant is called Hope Metals Plant (the irony of the name) They have so far denied claims that they were the cause of this leak into the river.

This isn’t the first time they have contaminated the regions water supply. Evgeny Belikov claimed he once worked at the Hope plant saying workers talked about the river as the red sea referring to its red appearance. Belikov said in winter the snow is also red here. On one hand it’s beautiful, but on the other, it’s chemical. Grigory Dukarev mentioned the Taimir Peninsula here represents a native type community in this region. Tests and samples will be arranged to trace what is in the colorful red river.


Also, The Russian Environment Ministry mentioned they will investigate the source of this strange phenomenon. The sad truth is, Norilsk is one of the most polluted places on the planet. The river is known as the Daldykan.

Social media groups are sharing this story online and there have been different reactions to the news of this. Some people think this is a sign that our world is in great danger environmentally. We need to band together and do something about this.

The preliminary information given so far is that the leak was from waste pipes belonging to Norilsk Nickel (a subsidiary of Hope Metals Plant). Perhaps this is something else entirely such as a sign signaling the end is near. Grigory Dukarev also said he is going to ask a representative from the company whether or not they will drink the red water. He doubts this will ever happen.

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