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Shadowy Humanoid Silhouette Photographed By Paranormal Investigators

This occurred back in 2015, when a paranormal team from the United Kingdom, were out investigating an old abandoned asylum located in Ruthin, Wales. What they captured in a single photograph, remains unanswered. The silhouette of a humanoid figure, can clearly be seen standing in a hallway just outside of an opened doorway. The team

Inter-Dimensional Shadowy Figure Appears Inside Man’s House

When we sleep, we sometimes fall into a deep slumber. Quite often, people fall into moments of contentment. Or, they will fall to the wayside of nightmares while they dream. One man shared what happened to him this year on the 30th of January. It was a Sunday evening and he just finished up a

Tracie Austin talks with David Weatherly about Shadow People

Her name is Tracie Austin and she brings with her a down to Earth attitude, which is resonating with many people. Her broadcasts are making waves around the paranormal community as well. Tracie discusses different topics, as she interviews people regarding their various paranormal experiences. Tracie Austin is the Executive Producer of her own cable

Shadowy fiend prowls mans home leaving him terrified

Most people try to keep their homes secure nowadays with different alarm systems. This usually works quite well, to deter would be break-ins. However, what if something else was trying to enter your home that wasn’t exactly human? A disturbing thought no doubt, yet this is what happened to one man at night. He also