Masked Clown Freaks From The Ukraine, Prank People In The Streets

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Dressed as the character Pennywise the clown, a few costumed pranksters are out of control scaring people as they aimlessly pass by alongside the street.

Video has been shared online on social media showing what they are doing. Some think this is funny, while others not so much. Authorities are now attempting to track down these jokesters. 

Local media reported the first incident taking place back on December 9th in the Ukraine. One of these pranksters were spotted within the city of Mukachevo.

They popped out from behind a wall startling motorists as they passed by. Later, a photo of the dressed up clown was published in the newspaper. Others began to experience the outrageous antics of these rampant clowns. 

People were later interviewed regarding these pranks happening. Mostly, people didn’t care for it and were not thrilled about being harrassed. Authorities stated they will proceed with criminal charges against whoever has been doing this.

clowned freak Ukraine

This kind of behavior is disrupting local life here and this has to stop. The videos are only making these fools more popular it seems. It is unknown if anyone has been hurt yet, but it could happen at some point. 

The authorities stated that this behavior violates a statute that prohibits “making and distributing a video that probably promotes a cult of violence and cruelty.”

Whoever is caught doing this will likely receive a mighty slap on the wrist for violating the law. With full prosecution, the faux Pennywise may even receive upward of five years in prison for their antics.  

Whoever, these masked madmen are, they have remained unfound yet. Comments were made on their YouTube channel saying their videos don’t carry any violent propaganda.

Some think that they could give someone a heart attack or cause them to injure themselves from being surprised. Whoever is behind all of this said, they are not joking with the elderly or small children. When asked about being caught they said, “they’ll never stop us. It’s just the beginning.”

(Source: Coast To Coast AM)

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