Shadowy Humanoid Silhouette Photographed By Paranormal Investigators

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This occurred back in 2015, when a paranormal team from the United Kingdom, were out investigating an old abandoned asylum located in Ruthin, Wales. What they captured in a single photograph, remains unanswered. The silhouette of a humanoid figure, can clearly be seen standing in a hallway just outside of an opened doorway.

Shadow figure captured on camera UK

The team (who are based out of Gloucestershire) captured this magnificent photo and are known simply as “Paranormal Adventures UK”. When asked about what happened, they explained there was nobody else around aside from their photographer.  

No unusual lighting was illuminating from anywhere. This is no trick according to them. No glass or mirrors were used within the room either. They also explained that no light was coming from behind the photographer either. Because of these explanations, this photograph has remained quite the spectacle ever since.

No One knows what exactly this thing is. It likely could be some kind of shadow fiend or shadow type person. A shadow person is the believed perception that patches of shadows make up a living type humanoid figure. Speculations are, this is another ghost of some kind. The location here, is rampant with many supernatural type entities roaming everywhere it seems.

With many older abandoned buildings such as these, they have since become a refuge for spirits. Being trapped between worlds, they seek salvation or are led towards damnation in the afterlife.

It is quite possible, that this photo shows a spirit of some kind, some are still not convinced. This is one of those moments, where you had to be there and see things with your own eyes. The shadowy figure, doesn’t appear to resemble a humans shadow.

With programs such as Adobe® Photoshop, it makes detecting truth much more difficult. Perhaps though this is evidence of something supernatural caught on camera. People expect things to look a certain way in their mind, when it comes to things such as these. One person said, this doesn’t look like an optical illusion of some kind.

There are numerous stories about shadow people or shadow fiends. They resemble ghosts yet are different. Perhaps this photo captured one on this evening. Considering this place was once used as an asylum, the very soul of someone could be lingering behind from their torment long ago.

(Source: The Paranormal Blog)

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