Tracie Austin talks with David Weatherly about Shadow People

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Her name is Tracie Austin and she brings with her a down to Earth attitude, which is resonating with many people. Her broadcasts are making waves around the paranormal community as well. Tracie discusses different topics, as she interviews people regarding their various paranormal experiences.

Tracie Austin is the Executive Producer of her own cable television talk show. The series originated in California and has since moved Las Vegas. Originally, the series was titled “Let’s Talk…Paranormal”. Since its conception, the series has become successful. Tracie is also an author of several different books entitled “Welcome to Haunted Las Vegas, Nevada” and “Alien Encounters in the Western United States”.

She continues to research and delve into the unknown exploring different topics including The Black Eyed Children, UFOs, aliens and more. Initially, Tracie studied at the Guildhall School of Music & Drama becoming a concert pianist.

Her world got turned upside down, as an otherworldly encounter would then change her life. With her research into UFO phenomena, it has since been an on-going passion for her since 1987. Tracie continues to write and research about different paranormal activities.

Tracie later would witnessed another moment during 1996, when she watched a black shaped boomerang object transform it’s shape in the sky afterward, it appeared over her house. Several other people also witnessed this encounter as well.

It was a defining moment for her, to follow her instincts about the unknown. Later, the television station BBC Digital would create a documentary about her strange encounter titled “Over the Moon”. She explained her encounter and later re-enacted it.

Tracie was interviewed on the Beyond Belief TV show by George Noory, he hosts Coast to Coast AM, a late-night radio talk show series – highly regarded in the paranormal community. Tracie is now doing new TV podcast shows. Her show is amply titled The Tracie Austin Show.

During her interview with David Weatherly, Tracie discusses what are known to be shadow people. David Weatherly, a paranormal author has written a number of books, which include: Haunted Toys, Strange Intruders, Black Eyed Children, and Wood Knocks Volume 1: A Journal of Sasquatch Research.

Shadow people

As they sit down together, they continue to discuss various encounters and reports about these strange shadowy people—that have been a part of many stories over time. What is known about the shadow people, is rather limited but there seems to be four different types of them.

The first type of shadow people, are the ones found inside someones bedroom often at night—while they are sleeping or trying to fall asleep. Another type of shadow people are know to be Transient Shadow.

Shadow fiend at night

They generally are not interested in what humans are doing, only that they move around from place to place. The next type of shadow people, are believed to be some kind of omen of sorts, they are associated with just one person and fixate upon them. Quite often, they stop after an event or tragedy that has taken place.

What are known as haunting shadow figures, appear before people sometimes as they are bound to a particular location. This is quite similar as a ghost haunting a spot for quite some time. Essentially, they are bound to this place for whatever reason and often return during certain moments. Lastly, there are more aggressive shadow people who seem to be comparable to a vengeful spirit.

These shadowy fiends, are merely waiting for humans to break down emotionally…striking them when they are most vulnerable. The Tracie Austin show so far, has been insightful and for those who enjoy everything paranormal related, an education as well. Check out Tracie Austin’s website and view more episodes there or on YouTube.

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