Inter-Dimensional Shadowy Figure Appears Inside Man’s House

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When we sleep, we sometimes fall into a deep slumber. Quite often, people fall into moments of contentment. Or, they will fall to the wayside of nightmares while they dream. One man shared what happened to him this year on the 30th of January.

It was a Sunday evening and he just finished up a conversation with a good friend of his on the phone. As he was laying down on a futon, which folds into a couch, he suddenly felt a strange disturbance happen seemingly out of nowhere.

This strange disturbance gave him the heebie jeebies (making him uncomfortably nervous). This disturbance happened quickly and when he opened his eyes (to his surprise) was a shadowy figure standing before him.

Image: Phantoms and Monsters (Shadow Man)

Image: Phantoms and Monsters (Shadow Man)

His dog began barking loudly, as he felt a strange sensation overcome him. The shadow figure was standing in the archway of his front door. The man then screamed, as he backed away while his dog kept on barking. Whatever this thing was, it then disappeared after only a few moments. The mans dog then ran into bedroom, where it then jumped onto the bed. The dog was both confused and frightened it seemed.

The man thought to himself, whatever this this was, it wasn’t human. He had heard about shadow people before and then wondered if this may well be one. This isn’t the first time he had seen one of these. However, it was the first time he noticed one in person and not in his dreams. He estimated that this encounter lasted for around 20 seconds or so.

Wondering if this shadow being made its way through some kind of portal, his imagination soon took effect. After thinking back to what he had seen, his best guess was that this shadow type man was around 6 feet tall. It was definitely a masculine shape but the lighting in the room, made it tough to see every detail.

The illumination was strong, almost as if there was a glow behind him. Thinking back to what he had seen, the color of its skin was that of a grayish color. There were no physical signs that stood out, like scars or predominate facial features. While whatever this was, it was weird. He didn’t think that it was an alien being of some kind but that of something else, perhaps demonic even.

The moment this happened, it wasn’t long after when the shadowy man—seemed to disappear back through a portal of some sort much like how he once appeared. It was like he came out of something and then went back into it.

One can only imagine, if this was some kind of inter-dimensional time traveler of some kind. It seemed like the shadow man, was sucked back into the portal of light that illuminated behind him. All of this was quite a sight to see the man claims.

The room was dark, as it was night so all of the light was rather intense. There was one light on in the bathroom that shined into the room. That’s it. This man, sleeps in his living room, because so many weird things have happened to him in his bedroom.

He just can’t sleep there anymore whatsoever. More than anything, he believes that this thing is something inter-dimensional. Reflecting back on the situation, he believes this only further frightened his dog, as all of this was happening and how he reacted towards it. Now, one can wonder just how this man sleeps (if any) at night. There have been other shadowy fiend type encounters, that people claim to have happened. While some of them seem quite unbelievable, others are quite questionable.

(Source: Phantoms and Monsters)

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