Shadowy fiend prowls mans home leaving him terrified

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Shadow demon in shadows

Most people try to keep their homes secure nowadays with different alarm systems. This usually works quite well, to deter would be break-ins. However, what if something else was trying to enter your home that wasn’t exactly human?

A disturbing thought no doubt, yet this is what happened to one man at night. He also happened to catch some part of whatever this was, on camera. It is believed to be some sort of shadow demon. Why it was stalking this unknown man isn’t known. He still doesn’t sleep well at night, since this incident back on August of 2016.

Shadowy fiend at mans home


The shadowy figure, gained access to his home through the cat door opening. It is unknown whether or not the cat locked eyes with the shadowy intruder. It was late at night, when the man heard scratching noises coming from downstairs. When he approached closer, the sounds kept getting louder and louder near the cats door.

In the past, his next-door neighbor’s cat, would sneak in—scrounging around for a late night snack. This man decided to turn on his outdoor camera app. He couldn’t believe what he watched. It appeared to be a shabby-looking man, crouching down at the cat door trying to pry it open.

Shadow demon

It is unknown if he lives in a decent neighborhood but one can only assume so. After fearing for his life, he made a call to the police. They sent a patrol car out to scout the area. The officers on duty that night were unable to find anything in the area. They even looked around the tree line which runs behind the mans home.

One of the officers joked with him mentioning that it may have been a ghost looking around. The irony is it might actually have been. The man was clearly upset about it. Determined to find the truth of things, he decided to setup another outdoor camera. He later used the social media site Reddit with the username FlexGunShip. He wanted to capture whatever this was on one of his cameras and post something, yet he didn’t have any luck initially.

The scratching sounds returned again and he was really freaked out at this point. He decided to check both cameras again with his app. They didn’t display anything. From this moment onward, things really started to get strange. The man (FlexGunShip) was out at his parents home for the day.

Man's bed shadowy fiend

When he returned, he noticed that one the cameras (normally mounted on the wall outside the home) was now missing. One single photograph had been taken, with his camera. The camera was now placed at the foot of his bed. (He never put it there) The home had been secured and the cat door was now pinned shut.

He assumed that someone had actually planted the camera inside the bedroom. From what he said, the spot where the camera normally is, has one hole where it was placed in an angle. Time had passed and it was roughly twenty minutes before he returned—when all of this happened, while he was gone. A debate still continues to whether or not what is seen in these photos, is some sort of demonic entity or something else entirely.

(Source: Week in Weird)

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