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Thailand Cow Gives Birth To Bizarre Humanoid Offspring

A rather bizarre looking baby, was born in Thailand years ago. It resembled that of a deformed calf. However, this particular calf, had some humanoid type qualities about it as well. This unusual looking calf, was discovered in a small town. It is unknown what was exactly wrong with the animal. Speculations about this are,

World’s Hairiest Girl Finds Love Decides To Shave Herself

Despite her extraordinary hairy body and being called names like ‘Wolf Girl’ and ‘Chewbacca’, 17-year-old Supatra ‘Natty’ Sasuphan from Bangkok, Thailand…has found the love of her life it seems. She even decided to shave her face after marrying her now husband. Sasuphan suffers from a disorder known as Hypertrichosis Lanuginosa. It is also known as

Restaurant Owner Kills Customer, Then Serves Them To Vegetarian Diners

Recently, a restaurant owner killed one customer and then served them up to vegetarian patrons. It happened in Bangkok, Thailand when the body of 61-year-old Prasit Inpathom was discovered chopped and bloodied inside Lat Krabang restaurant. Police are still investigating and trying to find the owner responsible. When diners went in to eat, they had

Woman’s Soul Appears After Fatal Motorcycle Accident

Perhaps one of the most disturbing videos to ever see, happened in Thailand back in 2016. A woman was driving her motorcycle down a highway road, when she collided with a blue truck turning onto the road. There appears to be a second person along with her, on the motorcycle. Their body is thrown off

Thailand man bites tail of python trapped inside truck engine

People have engine problems sometimes. Usually, this is from a part becoming defective and needing replaced. However, what if you found a snake inside the engine of your car that was causing the problem? It’s difficult to imagine, what someone would do in a situation quite like this. Captured on video, is a rather extraordinary