Woman’s Soul Appears After Fatal Motorcycle Accident

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Perhaps one of the most disturbing videos to ever see, happened in Thailand back in 2016. A woman was driving her motorcycle down a highway road, when she collided with a blue truck turning onto the road. There appears to be a second person along with her, on the motorcycle. Their body is thrown off camera, beyond the telephone pole seen far left in the video.

Thailand Woman's Soul Leaves Her Body After Accident

Unfortunately, this woman wasn’t so lucky, as she seemed to have died upon impact. Her name was Manee. The man with her known as Banjongrat, suffered many serious injuries yet they from what is known are still alive.

Thailand Woman's Soul Leaves Her Body After a Fatal Accident

The original video, was taken from CCTV outside the Phibun Songkram Camp in Lopburi, Thailand. While the footage appears quite grainy, it is good enough to make out more of the details. The collision was devastating for some viewers to watch. It first was released online, by a YouTube user named Sutannaraj Suwannatada.

Suddenly seen not long after, appears to be the shadowy soul of the woman before she dissipates moments later. Soldiers from a nearby camp, are seen rushing in towards the accident scene.

Thailand Woman's Soul Leaves Her Body Accident

One soldier reaches out his arm and seemingly it passes through the soul of Manee. Comparable to a ghostly spirit, the transparency is there. This is what makes this difficult to believe. In our world, there is much that we don’t understand about still.

Accidents such as these, apparently happen fairly often – as people misjudge their speeds while driving. If only people could be more aware of what is around them, instead of texting or whatever else while on the road…it would be safer for everyone.

The seen motorbike accident, easily could be faked with digital manipulation. Many think this is entirely fake, yet nobody knows for sure. If it is real, then it is a remarkable capture of a ascending soul…on their way into the afterlife.

Since the video was released, many have since speculated about it. Videos such as these, are difficult to judge, due to the quality and the leeway of fakery that could exist. Still though, fake or not it is disturbing to see.

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