Restaurant Owner Kills Customer, Then Serves Them To Vegetarian Diners

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Recently, a restaurant owner killed one customer and then served them up to vegetarian patrons. It happened in Bangkok, Thailand when the body of 61-year-old Prasit Inpathom was discovered chopped and bloodied inside Lat Krabang restaurant. Police are still investigating and trying to find the owner responsible.

When diners went in to eat, they had no idea they would be served human flesh instead of pork or chicken with noodles. At first, they thought it was a simple mistake being vegetarians. However, they got way more than they ever imagined while dining in. To make matters worse, some of the customers may have actually eaten some of the served meal.

Lat Krabang restaurant septic tank

Later when police arrived, they found Mr. Prasit’s remains inside of a septic tank at the property. It was determined upon the investigation that his head was smashed and he was stabbed six different times before dying. No information was given to estimate how long he had been dead for. However, when customers started complaining things began to escalate quickly.

Restaurant Owner Kills Customer Then Serves Them To Vegetarian Diners

Investigators arrived at the scene first after the complaints. They discovered bits of flesh and blood on some of the plates. As police try to piece together clues of what happened, it was determined that Mr. Prasit was involved in some sort of argument with the unnamed owner back on October 21st. Blood splatters were found inside along the kitchen floor and on the walls.

Media reports stated that he had been drinking at the restaurant with his brother prior to this incident. The restaurant owner is currently on the run after fleeing before police arrived to detain him.

It is madness to think someone would do such a thing, yet it happens. The world is full of bad elements and in a flash people can react badly to certain situations. When things happen like this, they tend to strike terror into the hearts of diners everywhere. The next time you eat out, pay attention to everything around you and what might be on your plate.

(Source: Metro and News 24)

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