Thailand man bites tail of python trapped inside truck engine

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People have engine problems sometimes. Usually, this is from a part becoming defective and needing replaced. However, what if you found a snake inside the engine of your car that was causing the problem? It’s difficult to imagine, what someone would do in a situation quite like this. Captured on video, is a rather extraordinary ordeal, showing the sheer determination of both man and reptile.

Python trapped in truck engine

The snake seen, is a fairly good sized python, it decided to crawl into the engine of a pickup truck to keep warm. The factory worker who spotted this 10 foot long python, was completely freaked out at first and called upon the aid of animal rescue located in Samut Prakan, Thailand.

It took the might of four men, to shift the stubborn reptile out from the engine of the truck. It was wrapped around the suspension, after it slithered behind the wheel chassis. Eventually, the python made its way just below the alternator.

Python snake under truck

One man named Rahjit Phan age 53, resorted to using an “old jungle trick” to weaken the snake by biting the end of its tail. This helped, as he continued to bite down hard on the snake’s tail. Rahjit spotted what was happening, Rahjit wandered over to assist the animal rescue workers noticing that they needed some kind of assistance.

Image: Rahjit Phan biting snake trapped in truck engine

Image: Rahjit Phan biting snake trapped in truck engine

Rahjit had just finished his shift at the nearby factory where he worked. For those curious, it took the men, around 90 minutes to finally free the snake from the truck engine. Rahjit said he has seen bigger snakes out in the wild.

Image: Rahjit Phan biting snake trapped

Image: Rahjit Phan biting snake trapped

Snakes, especially pythons are incredibly strong and determined. By instinct, they will use their brute strength to crush their prey so that they can later swallow them whole. Unfortunately, humans do fit well into the diet of a python reptile. Sometimes these particular snakes, can grow anywhere between 20-25 feet in length.

One of the largest pythons ever found, was kept in captivity named Medusa. This reticulated python (python reticulatus) snake was owned by Full Moon Productions Inc. in Kansas City, Missouri, USA. Measured back in 2011, this snake was 7.67 m (25 ft 2 in) long.

Reticulated pythons often bite first, then wrap their powerful coils around their prey. This cuts off blood circulation to the brain and blocks the airways preventing the chest from expanding. Eventually, a person or animal would suffocate dying not long after. There have been incidents of pythons killing people around the world. Read this story about a woman who kept a pet python.

(Source: Mirror)

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