Thailand Cow Gives Birth To Bizarre Humanoid Offspring

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A rather bizarre looking baby, was born in Thailand years ago. It resembled that of a deformed calf. However, this particular calf, had some humanoid type qualities about it as well.

Thailand Cow Gives Birth To Bizarre Humanoid Offspring

This unusual looking calf, was discovered in a small town. It is unknown what was exactly wrong with the animal. Speculations about this are, some kind of experimentation had taken place.

There are a number of cow mutilations that are discovered each year. Usually in these cases, a significant amounts of blood has been drained away from the animal. Sometimes, even the limbs of these animals are broken. This suggests that the cow was dropped from a great distance before it fell to the ground. Sometimes organs also are found to be removed, before natural predators arrive at the corpse location (from the wild) to clean things up naturally.

Peculiarly, many of these animals have been subjected to high temperatures. Evidence of this, is displayed on the skin of these animals. Typically, they are found at the mutilation location. Someone or something else used precision type tools, to cut into these very animals.

Removal of other body parts such as the animals eyes, tongues and sexual organs are all removed from uncanny surgical-like precision. All of this, suggests that study or experimentation is taking place on a select number of cattle. With cattle abductions, no government type agencies, have ever been able to prove that something otherworldly was responsible for this yet. There are far too many cases unsolved about this very topic.

People wonder if aliens are doing this and/or cults who are using these animals for ritualistic type sacrifices. Secret military operations, are also suspected to take place as well. The questionable cow seen in these photographs, suggest that the animal suffered some kind of deformity before being born.

Upon further examination of this unfortunate cow, reveals a more human feature with its front hands looking more like hands than feet. The local residents here, elected to use baby powder to cover this bizarre looking animal, along with incense to cleanse the area from any evil according to their beliefs.

Baby cows are called a calf. As they grow up, adult male cows are known as bulls. The adult female cows, are known as heifers until they give birth. After this, they are thereby known as cows.

Both male and female cows are born with horns. They typically weigh between 75-95 pounds at birth. Eventually, after feeding about 9 months later, they will weigh between 400 and 600 pounds.

Cows were later domesticated by humans around 5,000 years ago. The very first cow (in the United States) was brought to Jamestown, VA back in 1611. In recent times, there are now around 70 different breeds of cows found in the USA alone.

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