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Miracle Return: Ukrainian Woman Returns To Life 10 Hours Later

It was unbelievable to one family, as their mother returned back to life after being declared dead for 10 hours. Her name is Ksenia Didukh and she spent time “on the other side”. Ksenia is from the Ukraine and she is 83 years old. She was pronounced dead at her home town of Stryzhavka last

Ukrainian Girl Was Rescued And Raised By Feral Dogs

Her name is Oxana Malaya and she was raised by dogs, after being abandoned by her alcoholic parents in the Ukraine. Her story is a great tragedy and has happened to others over time. Oxana was born on November 4th, 1983 in Kherson Oblast, Ukraine. The village exists in Nova Blagovishchenka in Hornostaivka Raion, Kherson

Haunting moments recorded before girls die

Chilling moments were captured, as a young girl lost her life cruising down the road with friends. Her name was Sofiya Magerko, she was from a small Ukrainian town known as Izyum. She desperately wanted to be famous and died so very young at age 16. While she had 3,000 followers on social media sites

Chupacabra slain by farmer in the Ukraine

In the Ukraine, a rather strange creature was discovered. It looks much like a dog of some sort, yet it isn’t. This oddity has many wondering if it is some sort of chupacabra. One might wonder what a “chupacabra” might be. This strange creature has been reportedly found, killing goats in the night and early