Miracle Return: Ukrainian Woman Returns To Life 10 Hours Later

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It was unbelievable to one family, as their mother returned back to life after being declared dead for 10 hours. Her name is Ksenia Didukh and she spent time “on the other side”. Ksenia is from the Ukraine and she is 83 years old. She was pronounced dead at her home town of Stryzhavka last week.

Ksenia Didukh’s daughter called for help when her mother first fell ill. After a while, the paramedics came and pronounced her dead at the scene, they were certain that she had died. She had no pulse or heartbeat whatsoever.

Ksenia Didukh Ukraine Back To Life

Relatives soon mourned the loss of their loved one among friends. Rather remarkably, Ksenia was brought later to medical facilities and there she seemingly returned to life. 

From what is understood, one relative placed their hand over the head of Ksenia in remembrance. They immediately realized that she felt warm to their touch. Everyone there was in shock as Ksenia somehow returned to this world. 

Doctors overseeing Ksenia were understandably astonished by what had happened. One of them said they had not seen a case like this in twenty years. It was later determined that Didukh had fallen into a deep coma.

When people journey to the other side, they have reported encounters with a divine being. Many refer to this being as Christ or Jesus in many cultures. Most people believe there is some kind of afterlife awaiting us all. Perhaps this woman is proof that more awaits us after our journey here.

Ksenia mentioned that while she was in the other realm, she said there really is a kingdom of heaven. She heard the voice of her late father speaking to her. It is unknown as to why she was brought back, but she said that perhaps God had mercy on her.

The ground where she was to be buried had to be filled back in and a priest was brought in to comfort the family and to assist with her funeral arrangements. However, this was good news to this priest. From what could have been heartbreak, is now a triumph for this family and people are happy to learn of the news everywhere.

Things like this put things into perspective for many. Life is short and we have to make the most of each day. Try to accomplish what you can because you never know when your day will come.

(Source: Coast to Coast AM)

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