Chupacabra slain by farmer in the Ukraine

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In the Ukraine, a rather strange creature was discovered. It looks much like a dog of some sort, yet it isn’t. This oddity has many wondering if it is some sort of chupacabra. One might wonder what a “chupacabra” might be.

This strange creature has been reportedly found, killing goats in the night and early hours of the morning in some locations around the world. The Spanish name quite literally translates into “goat-sucker”. It stems from chupar which means “to suck” and the word cabra meaning “goat”. The origin of this menacing creature originates from Puerto Rico.

Chupacabra killed in Ukraine

The physical descriptions about these creatures ranges in both shape and size. They have been reported as being about the size of a small bear, with a row of spines which protrude from the neck—to the base of their tail. They have the ability to drain the blood of their victims.

After this, they then feed off of them using their strength to wear down their opponents. Many of the eyewitnesses have come from Puerto Rico, back in early part of 1995. Other areas include both Chile and Maine among other locations such as the Ukraine.

Chupacabra in Ukraine

They are considered canids, a part of the carnivorans which include domestic dogs, wolves, foxes, jackals, and dingoes. All of them share the same traits as they manage to mangle their victims down with force. What diseases they may carry such as rabies, shouldn’t be ruled out either. The chupacabra has become part of legends and lore throughout time. However, this incident in the Ukraine presents actual real evidence that versions of them do actually exist.

This disturbing looking animal allegedly was slain by a farmer after he found it on his property. He killed it inside of his barn. Reports of neighbors in the same village mentioned that their chickens and rabbits were being killed by this beast. All of the animals found dead had their blood drained away in a vampire-like fashion.

Chupacabra in Ukraine examined

Veterinarians who have examined the creatures body mentioned that the features appear similar to that of an African fox, but the limbs and other parts don’t match up with that species. DNA tests from what is known haven’t been conducted yet. They are still searching for information about the slain animal believed to be that of a chupacabra.

Comparably, the animal is rather alien-like with its appearance. There have been stories about them stemming from North America. Many of the frightened villagers have spoken about a second sighting within the same area. Whether or not they capture the next one alive will bring answers to many of the unanswered questions.

(Source: Coast to Coast AM)

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