Haunting moments recorded before girls die

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Sofiya Magerko

Chilling moments were captured, as a young girl lost her life cruising down the road with friends. Her name was Sofiya Magerko, she was from a small Ukrainian town known as Izyum. She desperately wanted to be famous and died so very young at age 16. While she had 3,000 followers on social media sites like Instagram, her life was tragically cut short.

Daria Medvedeva

While out on the town, her 24 year old best friend Daria Medvedeva, picked her up as they journeyed down the road. This fateful evening, would be her last. The girls were taking selfies and living it up with their wild ways.

Continuing to post photos to social media, Sofiya and Daria continued to party hard this night. Listening to music and drinking, they waved their camera around trying to capture everything. Like many younger people, they often feel invincible. Suddenly, it was too late, as a loud screeching sound was heard followed by an eerie silence.

Not being able to see well from camera lighting, the girls violently collided into a street lamp. Daria lost control rather quickly of the vehicle. All it took was one moment. Several men arrived on the scene but it was too late for Sofiya. She was instantly killed upon impact.

Sofiya's last moment

Police and medical services arrived to access the situation. Daria survived the crash, only to die later from her sustained injuries to the hospital. Those who were following the girls online, were shocked to see what happened live as they listened to the girls screaming. Police later recovered and played back one of the girls cell phones that recorded their final moment.

As people wander by where the girls died, they now get a strange feeling like someone is watching them. Perhaps these two girls restless spirits still linger here in the area. Often when people die from extreme conditions such as this, their souls are stirred and they simply cannot move on into the afterlife.

Sofiya and Daria

This horrific scene, has left a haunting impression upon those who live near here. This is one example, of a rather common story—people must be more careful while on the road nowadays and what they are doing. Sofiya and Daria lost their lives from a fatal mistake. People do have control of their own destiny.

People shouldn’t take unnecessary risks for a few mere moments of fame. The girls leave behind their family, friends and followers. A tragic night on the town for these two, as they will be remembered.

(Source: NewsPip)

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