Rumors Regarding Roadside Ghosts

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There have been a number of tales regarding roadside ghosts. Often, people see them as they are traveling down the road. Most often they have been seen during the night but sometimes these ghastly fiends have appeared during the daylight hours. Some of the sightings in question involve what resembles a woman wearing a white dress. 

Sometimes their face is disfigured or distorted somehow but they managed to appear before unsuspecting travelers. Most of these roadside ghosts have pale skin along with darkened type eyes.

Why these ghosts are there is questionable. Some think they are left over like a photograph frozen in that moment. These ghosts linger behind and are unable to move forward into the afterlife for whatever different reason.

Roadside ghost

Often these sometimes beautiful looking yet captivating ghosts, catch the attention of an unsuspecting man. There have been mentions of sexual intimacy reported about, even though it seems ridiculous. Some women even admitted to having sex with ghosts over and over again. But perhaps it is some kind of fantasy in their mind.

The living can only assume that these ghosts are from a time lost. They are from the past when the world was much different. Perhaps even, they are trying to make contact to understand what happened to them or the world they once knew.

These roadside ghosts, may have met their fate involving some kind of tragic car accident. This would explain why they would be left behind in that location. Other theories could be, things happened to them like torment or torture. 

The ghostly women could have been mothers and lost their children or husband. They continue to wander aimlessly alongside the road in hopes of finding them. These white lady ghost stories are often vague and are difficult to confirm details with facts. 

Likewise, ghost men have been seen on the road as well. People have passed right through them with their vehicle or the ghost appeared inside their car. Most anyone would freak out seeing something like this or even become a ghost themselves after crashing. 

One interesting report involved a taxi driver in Ishinomaki, Japan who allegedly picked up a ‘phantom fare’ in the wake of the devastating 2011 earthquake and tsunami. He started up his meter asking them where they wanted to go. The ghost vanished right before him. The passenger in question, had died five years earlier they claimed.

There are many more stories like this and it really does make you wonder whether or not some of these are really true. One thing is for certain, most people would drive by if they witnessed a strange looking figure standing alongside the road out of fear for their lives. Who knows, they may have witnessed another roadside ghost.

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