Ukrainian Girl Was Rescued And Raised By Feral Dogs

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Her name is Oxana Malaya and she was raised by dogs, after being abandoned by her alcoholic parents in the Ukraine. Her story is a great tragedy and has happened to others over time. Oxana was born on November 4th, 1983 in Kherson Oblast, Ukraine. The village exists in Nova Blagovishchenka in Hornostaivka Raion, Kherson Oblast, of the Ukrainian SSR.

Movies like The Jungle Book (2016) have glorified a child being raised by wild animals. Animals are wildly unpredictable yet there have been cases of them saving humans from certain death. There are many remarkable stories, such as a dolphin saving a baby from drowning among others. Oxana was both blessed and cursed to have been saved in such a way.

Oxana Malaya dog girl

Oxana was fortunate enough to find some sense of salvation after being neglected. However, she continues to struggle from her childhood experiences with these wild dogs. Her drawing skills were compared to that of a six year old child. Oxana is now 35 years old and lives in a foster home for mentally-disabled children in Barabol.

After working with some specialists, she is beginning to turn her life around somewhat. Oxana had to learn to suppress her dog-like behaviour. She now can speak more fluently, with some sense of intelligence.

Oxana Malaya raised by dogs

Oxana explained that she wants to be treated like a normal human being. When someone calls her “dog-girl” she is rightfully offended. It is unlikely that Oxana will ever find a “normal” existence after going through rehabilitation. She will likely never integrate into society completely. Oxana’s story has resonated with people around the world it seems. Many pity and praise her.

With authorities first discovered Oxana, she was around seven and a half years old. She lacked any kind of social skills and moved around by running on all fours like a dog. She would sleep on the floor, bark and groom herself like a dog would. Even today, she has her moments that emerge from time to time.

When 60 Minutes Australia released a video about Oxana, it gained some attention. People were able to catch a glimpse into her life. Her daily routine isn’t like everyone else’s but she strives to become a more normal person as seen in the video. Perhaps medical science will catch up and help people like Oxana, overcome their everyday struggles of life one day.

(Source: Wikipedia)

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