Time traveler warns of future Earth

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A time traveler spent two years into our future, he mentioned just how much our world will change. By the year 2749, both our population and landscape will be dramatically altered. How humanity lives will be quite different as well, by the comparison of today. The remaining survivors, will press onward surviving on an Earth which is unlike anything known from before.

Al Bielek

The mans name is Al Bielek, a controversy surrounds his statements and even his background—as it is suspected that his identification has been forged for a reason. The question is, whether or not this was done intentionally. Is what he said actual truth or one elaborated story?

Al Bielek discussed what he remembered from spending six weeks in our distant future. He recalls the year, it was 2137. Later, he went further forward in time living in 2749 for several more years thereafter. What is now happening on Earth, is accurate to what Al Bielek mentioned.

Perhaps it is a sign of the times, as The New World Order prepares to takeover the rule of Earth. Climate change is happening and is real, recently in California—the Oroville Dam gave way as nearly 200,000 people had to evacuate their homes. Other devastating geological events have been happening around the world as well. Al Bielek was a part of the Montauk Project, this was a series of government funded projects conducted at “Camp Hero” also known as Montauk Air Force Station on Montauk located in Long Island, NY.

Philadelphia Experiment ship

The purpose of this project, was to develop various warfare techniques and to conduct further research pertaining to time travel itself. Al remembers jumping off the U.S.S. Eldridge on August 13th of 1943. This moment is known as the Philadelphia Experiment. Al found himself along with his brother Duncan Cameron inside a hospital of sorts.

Both of the men were recovering from radiation injuries. They would spend six weeks here. The care they received consisted of a newfound medical technology using vibration and lighting of some sort. Television apparently still exists and what was being displayed on futuristic monitoring devices were programs mostly news and educational oriented. Many geographical changes started in the beginning of the 21st century until 2025.

North America in future

The USA coastlines, along with the interior parts of both Europe and North America, were dramatically different than they are now. Water levels reached across some areas, covering major parts of Florida. Atlanta, Georgia was a mere 3 miles away from the Atlantic Ocean from this point. Al went on to explain that Mississippi became an inland waterway and the Great Lakes merged together into one large lake.

The United States infrastructure collapses in the future as both the United States and Canada were no longer considered nations any longer. Martial law was happening in the year 2137. A centralized form of government no longer existed either. The magnetic poles on Earth began to start shifting, however an artificial series of structures were set into place.

This prevents the collapse and reversal of the magnetic poles of Earth. As a result of this, the poles did not flip. The worlds population was reverted to 300 million people compared to 7.5 billion currently in 2017. In the United States, the population dipped towards 50 million.

Al Bielek also says that from the start of 1954 until the year 2000 our government worked alongside extraterrestrial entities as we acquired more technology into our hands. It is rather foolish to think we invented the internet randomly, without aliens pointing us into the right direction of new ways. Eventually, our reverse engineering of alien methods, progresses and digresses humanity.

Problems happen between 2003-2005 for humanity, as the New World Order began taking over our planet in secret to the mainstream. In our not so distant future, a war will wage between both the Russians and the Chinese—along with the rest of Europe and the United States. A number of cities will be destroyed in America. Eventually, the New World Order will collapse.

The future brings forth a new technology, which reduces the radiation damage from nuclear devices after only several days. We apparently have already tapped into this technology but governments refuse to use it for political reasons. World War 3 leaves a mess which needs cleaned up, for humans to survival.

Future Earth floating cities in sky

Al continued to talk about what he learned from being in the future. He said he was taken back to the year 2137 to pickup his brother Duncan. From this moment they were both returned to the year 1983 from where they departed. Al continued to describe enormous ground based floating cities which simply hovered about the Earth’s surface. What is known as the Synthetic Intelligence Computer System would control everything.

Inside floating city

A super computer program that removed even the need for governments to exist any longer. The structures were made from crystalline type materials. Telepathy is used to community as well and the structure of society is entirely socialistic. Basic human needs for survival such as food and drink are all taken care of for everyone. No longer will be starve and have to work so hard to exist. In some ways, this society is a utopia of sorts and a world unlike anything we live today.

(Source: UFO Mania)

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