Time traveler John Titor warns of our future path

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John-Titor back in time

His name is John Titor, many believe he is a time traveler from the future. He stated he returned to collect computer parts, in a very different future than what we have now (as computer parts have become rather scarce). John is a part of a future military force from the year 2036. The world has certainly taken a new shape geographically, people have made territories quite differently as an example—the United States is no longer configured like it is now.

john titor_schematic



The origination of John Titor dates back online, in the year of 2001. He posted a diagram of his supposed time traveling machine on the Art Bell forum. Also, he posted a military operations manual on the same forum. Concerned with the fate of the human race at stake, he wrote about survival in our distant future world.

Ironically, all of this outcome began with the current election process in America happening now. He mentioned that the presidency was affected from the election machines (which were believed to be hacked either way). This moment in time begins a coup (a sudden violent illegal seizure of power from the government).

This plants the seed which grows into the next American civil war. A percentage of people from this point in time decided to trade away their civil rights. One of John’s neighbors was arrested for no rhyme or reason.

national guard

When his own apartment was searched, he and his family moved away to a remote location. At this point, John and his family began avoiding the National Guard. John worked with his father in Florida hauling oranges up and down the coastline.

Cities from this point in time, begin to raise their own armies for the purpose of scouting for food and supplies of those currently living in the country. It seems that food has become scarce. John joins with his rural militia known as the “Fighting Diamondbacks”.

He did a four year tour, in the new civil war (within what was once the USA). From his experiences John lost hearing in his right ear. Perhaps from an explosion. The fighting between Americans lasts for 10 years, until World War III begins.

According to John, Russia unleashes its full nuclear attack upon our cities. The USA responded and a total of 3 billion people died overall. Cities in both countries were destroyed and became poisoned. China from this point began taking over different areas such as the Philippines and both North and South Korea. Cambodia and Vietnam were also taken. The Chinese then try to take over Australia, but fail to do so. The Australians simply shut themselves out from the rest of the world.

Fresh water is in short supply and becomes harder to come by—without first speaking to someone with a gun. Communities begin to form around universities and colleges because of the wealth of information from their libraries.

Fortresses are also formed to protect those areas, people spend a great deal of time working in the fields foraging and trying to grow food. Essentially, America has reverted back to the way it was in the old west. Medical care has changed, if you get sick…house calls are made as no hospitals exist anymore.

Religion had a great awakening, as most everyone will worship on Saturday similar to Seventh-day Adventists. Throughout the rest of the week community, dances and bonfires are held. Music has become more popular as many people can now play different instruments. The elderly are highly revered as they used to be long ago. John Titor and his family live in tree houses in the wilderness. The post war U.S. split happens shattering into five separate political regions each having their very own President. All of them work in the newfound capital located in Omaha, Nebraska. Freedom of movement is all but gone, as bicycles become the choice of transport.

Map of the future USA

This limits how far someone can go. If someone wishes to move, they will be interviewed by their new community. The new citizen is expected to pull their own weight or be forced away by community leaders. John also uploaded his idle time traveling machine which demonstrates the light of a pen laser bending across the machine.

Not since the year 2001 has John been heard from, many think this is when he returned back to the future. He did however leave behind advice such as learning backwoods sanitation, learn to keep your weapon clean and then learn how to shoot it. Also, keep what is known as a bug-out-bag with things essential to leaving on a moments notice.

If indeed these things come to pass, then a different course of action needs to be taken starting today. An informative video about this was done by Bill Madon on YouTube and his channel Night Terrors found HERE.

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