Jean Hilliard’s frozen miracle

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Jean Hilliard story

A woman named Jean Hilliard experienced something which still baffles medical science today. The body is an incredible machine. The human body has overcome some rather extraordinary feats throughout time. Some of them are mind bending to think about.

Jean Hilliard car

Sometimes things happen for a reason which are simply unexplained—to a defined logical explanation. Back in Lengby, Minnesota in the year of 1980, Jean Hilliard was on her way to see her friend, when her car skidded off an isolated gravel road.

In fear of the sub-zero temperatures of the season, she braved forward by foot to her friend’s house. This would become one of the most extraordinary events ever documented in human history. Jean was determined to reach her friend’s home, but it was a long journey by foot in these wintry conditions.

Jean Hilliard on ice

She had to walk for several miles before reaching her friend’s home in heavy wind and snow. Just before she reached their home, she collapsed onto the ground where she laid  for 6 hours in sub-zero temperatures. Jean was a mere 16 feet away from the front door—of her friend Nelson’s house.

It was approximately 1:00 am in the early morning. It was reported that the temperature dropped down to a negative −22 °F (−30 °C). As one can imagine, Jean suffered from hypothermia from being in such cold conditions. To Nelson’s shock as he opened his door, his friend Jean was laying on the ground frozen solid, resembling a pale ghost. Jean’s body was so frozen, that her friend had to place her sideways, after taking her to the hospital.

frozen hand

When she arrived at the hospital, the medical staff pronounced her DOA (Dead on Arrival). Jean’s heartbeat dropped down to a mere 12 beats per minute. The temperature of her body and skin was so low, normal thermometers couldn’t be used. They couldn’t use a needle either. Instead, they wrapped her inside of a thermal blanket to get her warm. Doctors thought for sure, that Jean would suffer from severe brain damage and that both of her legs would have to be amputated.

What they didn’t expect next, Jean asked for water around 1:00 in the afternoon. By that evening, she could move her arms and hands. She was able to move her legs after 3 days as well. The outcome for her was positive as she incredibly didn’t suffer any long term damage externally or internally. She stayed in the intensive care unit wing of the hospital for 6 days. After this she was moved to a regular recovery room.

One can only think that Jean was being watched over by a divine presence. Perhaps it was her guardian angel who watched out for her on that day. There is no medical or scientific explanation, which explains how she overcame such incredible odds for survival.

Dr. George Sather stated: “I can’t explain why she is alive.”

(Source: Scary Mysteries)

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