Cat Sees Ghost Girl By Window

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This photograph, apparently shows a cat hissing at a ghost girl standing by the window. There is limited information about this, yet it has remained an interesting ghost photo capture. Some people think…this is nothing more than the reflection of a little girl standing in the room.

The lighting gave her a ghostly appearance by the window glass. However, the couple who lives or lived here, mentioned that they had no children. This makes this photograph even more freaky to think about.

Little Girl Ghost By Window

From what is known, a girlfriend’s friend, allegedly worked with a guy. They noticed the ghost girl by the window, after powering up their computer. It seems that the cat picked up on this young spirit right away and started acting rather strangely. It is believed that animals have the ability to see spirits, just like young children do. Perhaps their souls, are not yet tainted by the ways of the world after all.

This photo dates back to 2013, perhaps even earlier. It isn’t known where this took place, but it is believed to be somewhere in North America. Whoever uploaded the photograph said that this home is old. This would explain why this ghost girl would still be lingering here. This ghostly girl, also seems to be wearing an older fashioned dress.

Little ghost girl by the window

Speculation is, this little girl may have died here and hasn’t moved on into the afterlife. It is thought when spirits refuse to move onward, they are still bound to the world for a reason. Perhaps this young spirit suffered a untimely demise and she is reaching out for help. Spirits are known to make contact with the living in certain situations.

More remarkably, is this spirit being photographed on this night long ago. Ghosts are unpredictable, just like people are. You never know when and where one might show up. The best thing to do is keep calm if possible. When people show fear, they can attract dark forces as they feed off this kind of energy. The same can be said about attracting bad people into your life.

One comment made about this photo, said its a fake. However, there is no evidence of this to back up this claim. This person said, this was created with some kind of cell phone app. While this isn’t out of the question, its best to keep an open mind about it. Likewise, if this is a real ghost caught on camera, it is certainly one of the most incredible photos ever seen yet.

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