UFO light show in Massachusetts

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An unexpected light show happened in Massachusetts. There isn’t much information to go on aside from a video which seems rather unusual. Was this the work of a government program? Or, was it something else entirely? Perhaps someone simply used video graphic software to create this. However, this could possibly be evidence of some extraterrestrial presence on Earth. This UFO light show was documented by a man from western Massachusetts.


The exact location hasn’t been disclosed. Several neighbors also witnessed this event which took place within the last 72 hours. This video was published January 13th of this year on YouTube by Bobby Johnson. There are a number of glowing orbs which originate from a larger orb in the sky. As the video progresses, one of the orbs is engulfed by the larger orb and then seemingly all of them disappear afterward.


From the sound of people voices, they genuinely seemed terrified and upset. This leads to further speculation that this is indeed a real encounter. Due to embarrassment and harassment by the public, the neighbors who witnessed this as well so far have remained anonymous. These orbs form into formation and move in different directions before they simply vanish away.

The movement these strange glowing orbs make is rather peculiar. Most aircraft don’t fly in such erratic patterns. Some other questions remain unanswered such as when did this take place? What time of the night or early morning was this? How many other people witnessed this? And why isn’t there any more mention of it by the media? One person made a note about this being similar to Phoenix Lights.

This may well be some new air force technology in the works, anything is possible at this point. But most want some answers asap. A comment was made mentioning that someone else witnessed the same orbs several years ago in their front yard located north of Houston, Texas. This same person also mentioned that they were driving home one night and watched a total of seven orbs traveling west to east over a 10 minute span of time recently.

So far, this video has received nearly 500,000 views.

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