Reversed alien technology secretly being used in Florida

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Back in 1989, there was a man named Robert Lazar, who shocked the world with his claims. Robert mentioned, that he was a part of a secret military operation, which worked with alien technology. He went on to say, that the government had in its possession 9 different spacecrafts not of this world.

The base is known as S-4, apparently located not so far from Groom Lake, Nevada. There were posters made showing UFOs levitating or hovering several feet from the ground. A caption read “They’re Here!”.

This is one of the earliest alleged whistle blowers, to talk about the existence of alien life here on Earth. Robert then said, EG&G hired him to help reverse engineer alien technology to be used in U.S. military vehicles and power production. What was named “Element 115” was used to power the alien spacecrafts that were located here.

Ever since the legendary Roswell UFO crash of July 1947, many alien conspiracy theorists claim that flying saucers and the remains of dead alien beings, were secretly kept and stored within either multiple or singular base located somewhere within the United States.

To date, the government continues to deny such claims. Robert Lazar, mentioned that he has master’s degrees from CalTech and MIT. However, there is no evidence that he attended either university. He then said, that the government was actively trying to discredit him.

Reverse alien technology being used

In recent times, a user from the site, mentioned what they discovered while using the Google Earth program. To their surprise, they noticed sitting in the parking lot of the Pratt and Whitney facility in Florida, a rather unusual spacecraft of some sort. Is this something that was initially man made? Or, has reverse alien technology secretly been used?

A user named Valorbunker from said: “Do you think that maybe they leave these little breadcrumbs out for you to follow, so that you get lost down the rabbit hole?”

Reverse alien technology being used at Pratt & Whitney

One reader mentioned, that this is nothing more than some sort of mock up or test jig.

Pratt & Whitney/United Technologies is located in Jupiter, Florida. It is unclear exactly it is that they do there entirely. The facility is secured and believed to be locked down with superior technology, to keep prying eyes are kept away.

The general public is rather curious about this place. Underground, there may well be something quite incredible never seen before. One thing is for certain, this fascinating craft sitting at the Pratt and Whitney facility, looks like something from a science fiction comic book from years ago.

The Google map coordinates are: 26°55’42.3″N 80°20’24.4″W

Someone said the Coordinates curiously go to the middle of a park in Florida. It is also odd how this is exposed out in the parking lot area. Perhaps it is a distraction to something else.

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