Virtual existence on the rise

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The idea of living forever comes to us in many theories, but now with technology on the rise the future for our virtual self may actually be a possibility. The notion of singular existence may actually be a reality. There are already home robots available to the public and some more advanced ones such as “Jibo” are being produced starting the first real wave of the family robot.

The Ridley Scott film Blade runner released back in 1982 flirted with a robotic society, showing the good and bad of this type of utopia. With the increase of technology—this will ultimately shape our future as a society. The Terminator franchise of films also demonstrate how such technology can also become our demise. Where and when artificial intelligence becomes more powerful than human control will cause a radical change in human civilization perhaps even ending it.


People flirt with the idea of living forever. As an example—the late entertainer Michael Jackson wanted to be frozen to return again. However, he never got this chance even with his fortune and fame. We are after all…just flesh and bone. For those who believe we don’t think consciousness when we are separated from our gray matter, means some sort of lost soul will remain behind maybe even in a virtual form. Perhaps even cyborgs may be a possibility as well. An example of this would be Robo Cop franchise of films. The loss of a hypothetical soul makes one wonder what our life after death existence will be.

When people move onward even their children aren’t going to their graves, they may well be preserved in a digital future trying to retain their memories and existence. Their digital twin will then be around continuing their life cycle perhaps until the end our world. This robot version of us will schedule appointments and communicate with its own sense of personality. Albeit it won’t be the real you. Computers have learned and mastered grand-master game championships as well. The rather incredible algorithms used continue to advance the human existence. At some point people may be able to upload their entire mind and save it for the future. How strange this world will be.

Not long ago, Mark Zuckerberg explained virtual reality is possible for everyone but the very first step is getting out to the everyday consumer for a reasonable cost. Facebook recognizes the success of its Oculus Rift, no actual details have been presented – but quite a number of these virtual reality glasses (goggles) are being used. What is being done, will help shape the future of the world one day and for those wanting a virtual selfie among other things.


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