Mother dies in car crash her ghostly spirit calls out for help

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Sometimes things simply cannot be explained. Why they happened and when ultimately is up to a higher power. This story still resonates with people from last year in 2015. It was labeled a miracle mystery and rightfully so—as a mother and her child overturned into the water from a bridge at night.

The water was chillingly cold and even rescue workers later were treated for hypothermia symptoms from working at the wreckage site. It truly was a miracle when people discovered an 18 month baby girl Lily who was still strapped in her car seat. Afterward the infant was taken to the Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The first person to the scene was a fisherman, who spotted the car partially submerged underwater below the bridge at Arrowhead Trail and Mainstreet around 12:30 Saturday afternoon. It was reported that some sections of the river were upwards of 10 feet deep.

jennifer-groesbeck and daughter Lily

Late at night, Lynn Jennifer Groesbeck age 25 apparently lost control of her car, which plunged into the Spanish Fork River on that disastrous night. She left her parents home located in Salem on Friday around 10 PM little did she know this was going to be her last day.

It was estimated that the accident happened between 12-13 hours previously before the fisherman spotted the car in the water. Lynn Jennifer Groesbeck died on impact suffering from a head trauma wound.

After some time passed, workers on the scene heard a woman’s voice cry out coming from the car which was upside down. This seemingly was impossible as Lynn Jennifer Groesbeck had been dead for hours. The only given explanation to this was divine intervention and her ghostly spirit cried out to get the attention of the rescue workers.


It is amazing that her daughter survived from being in a position where water couldn’t quite reach her and that she lived through the bitter cold of the river and wind. The Utah Highway Patrol was on the scene and Lt. Cory Slaymaker reported why the car left the roadway:

“Our investigation shows the driver’s side tire went up the cement barrier on the south end of the bridge, launching this woman and her baby into the freezing water.” “Where the car was, you couldn’t see it from the roadway.” “We were delighted to see the baby was alive.” The child’s mother, he said, likely died on impact.

There was no foul play and no drugs or alcohol was reported as the cause of the crash. The question remains, who did call for help from inside the car? It is one of those moments that points to a supernatural force intervening. Lynn Jennifer Groesbeck age 25 leaves behind her daughter, husband and family.


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