The Glen Arbor UFO experience

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As the holiday season nears with Christmas on the way, people share different stories with one another. Sometimes at the office, stories are passed around. This is what happened about a week ago, with someone (who has been labelled a conspiracy theorist) was left with a bombshell by their boss.

A worker was having a drink with their boss in the office. This boss, quite often picks on his employee from time to time, often teasing them about UFOs, aliens and other things. On one particular day, this boss wandered over and mentioned “Hey, did I ever tell you about my UFO story?”.

The employee laughed out loud and saying thanks for making fun of me! The bosses demeanor began to change sudden as they said:

“Listen to this story, around 20 years or so ago, I was driving in the northern part of Michigan. This was near Glen Arbor and it was around 2:30 AM in the early hours. I was out in the middle of nowhere when my entire car suddenly began to light up. There was an insane light along with a shrieking noise that hurt my ears.”

The entire time the boss was telling this story, he was waiting for their boss to say “Gotcha!”. However, this was not the case at all.

The boss continued by saying, he had been taking photos around the northern part of Michigan because photography is a passion of his in his spare time. He seems to always have a camera around and during this night, he had one in the passenger seat of his car.

When he got out of his car, a craft of some sort began to hover over above him. It seemed like this lingered for quite some time. The boss was afraid and quickly remembered that he had a camera with him. So, he grabbed it and began snapping pictures of whatever this was.

The employee with much anticipation was waiting to laugh about all of this, thinking that this was just some sort of joke. In disbelief, then the employee said: “Ya, okay look…” After this, the boss rolled his chair over and opened his filing cabinet. After searching through different documents and paperwork, he grabbed three different photos, which he laid down on the nearby desk.

Glen Arbor UFO experience photos

A moment of silence took place, as the employee’s jaw dropped and hair stood up on the back of his neck and arms. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. There were 3 separate photographs seen showing some sort of unexplained UFO lights in the night sky. These looked like beams of light, illuminating the ground below on this dark night.

In 1997, this employee was stunned to see this incredible phenomena presented before him. His boss had some sort of proof, that something otherworldly had happened to him. Initially, these photos were posted on Reddit, by a user named “Machinegamer”. Since this story has been shared, it has been picking up some steam online. The photos are interesting no doubt, perhaps this is some kind of evidence of an alien encounter. The area this happened in, is quite remote and the local population only boasts around 800 people. (There is no Glen Harbor as originally posted, but Glen Arbor exists)

Glen Arbor UFO experience

Alien experience in Michigan near Glen Arbor

Glen Arbor UFO alien experience

One Reddit user said: “Wow. This has to be one of the most interesting nighttime UFO pictures I’ve seen. Thanks for uploading!”

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