Werewolf encounter in the Bronx

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werewolf faced man

Picture the year 1913, it is a cold wintry evening in the streets of New York City. Not far from the Mosholu Parkway, something quite unusual was lurking in the shadows. This urban legend mentions an illuminating werewolf type creature wandering the streets at night. Utter nonsense some people believe, but by those who saw this dreadful thing, they will never forget what they witnesses that late evening. It was the 19th of December, the rampant werewolf-like creature, began to roam freely in the Bronx of New York City.

Phone calls began to pour into the Kingbridge Police station. People reported different descriptions of a fury creature which was seen. This was no actor in a costume, many believe what they had seen—it was far too real for them. The people were panicked and scared as shivers trembled down their spines. The night grew colder, as a trickle of fog fell upon some sections of this neighborhood area.

Clip from the Santa Fe New Mexican Newspaper

What witnesses said, threw the police for a loop as descriptions stated, this horrid beast appeared to be that of a mutant canine. Reluctant to scout about the area, the police proceeded to investigate. The police ventured forth to find whatever this thing was. Police Captain, Matt Mekeon issued an alert to his squad.

They were instructed to be on the lookout for this thing. They only had peoples descriptions to go on. Heading towards the Mosholu Parkway, these officers came across four strange men who were loitering around a dark part of the parkway. The officers reached for their guns, in fear that these men were criminals of some sort.

As they approached them, the suspicious men ran off at blazing speeds. Officer Mckiernan caught up to one of them, placing his handcuff on them. Suddenly, he felt a sharp pain shoot up his leg. As he looked down, he was horrified to see something he would never forget. He described it as a ‘phosphorous-covered hound’ that clamped down on his boot.

Befuddled, the officer reacted as quickly as possible bludgeoning a heavy blow to the beasts skull. It worked as the werewolf released its ferocious bite. The officers returned to their precinct with a wild story to tell. They booked the man at the station and the officer explained what transpired by the parkway area.

Small Clip from the Santa Fe New Mexican Newspaper


Looking to find more of these things, a squad of men returned to the same area, without any luck they found nothing more there. No wild glowing werewolf beasts were seen again. The original report was released by the Santa Fe New Mexican newspaper back in December of 1913. It was included into the 19th edition of the newspaper. Whatever the residents experienced that evening was something strange and the details point towards some kind of mass hysteria or an encounter with a werewolf-like beast.

What people said about it:

“The animal’s eyes gleamed with a pale piercing light” reported a witness, adding that the light “resembled phosphorescence in the wake of ships at sea.” Others reported sparks flying out the creature’s mouth as it snarled at them. A creature they could only described as werewolf-like.

People over time, have continued stories about 6 foot tall timber wolves, which not only walk but run on two legs. It is quite and unusual tale after all. Some believe while others dismiss it as nonsense.

(Source: Ghost Theory)

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