Goatman found in the woods

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Goat Man found in woods by Lew Viergacht

Goat Man found in woods by Lew Viergacht

This photo has been floating around for a while now, it shows what appears to be a goat-man. Supposedly, this part man beast is that of a scientist who previously experimented on goats. As fate would have it, his experiments then backfired on him—freakishly turning him into a half-goat monstrosity.

This freak of nature then went on a rampage, crossing paths with this hapless victim. While goats can be friendly sometimes, they aren’t always and people can certainly be unpredictable. What led to this incident is rather questionable as many of the details are rather sketchy.

The goat-man was seen killing peoples pets and terrorizing a place called lover’s lane. Whether or not this is the infamous “Pope Lick Monster” is another story. However, it was seen in the same area of Prince George’s County in Maryland dating back to the 1970’s.

The time stamp on the photo displays both the temperature and time of day. If this was taken somewhere on the east coast, the temperature isn’t consistent as someone noted. No breath is seen in the photo, so it may not have been taken in the winter.

The very first sighting of the goat-man began back in 1957. Perhaps the most notorious story about this goat-man type creature, was when a group of teenagers went hiking through the woods back in 1970 within the same area. As fate would have it, they crossed paths with this thing. It would be their last day as the creature chopped them into small pieces with an axe. The creature then consumed what remains were left.


More of this urban legend, mentions one teenager managed to get away and eventually made their way to the police. No evidence could be found, but locals living in the area, stand by their story believing that it did happen. Whether or not this is the Pope Lick Monster or something else, the legend of it still continues to bring people there exploring—hoping to capture the beast at least on camera. The top half of the monster resembles that of a man however he has both a beard and horns. The other half of him is comparable to that of a goat.

Greek mythology has such a creature as this mentioned long ago. It is known as Pan. A satyr classification beast. This demigod of the wild was worshiped by shepherds and flocks everywhere. Known for being a guardian of nature and frequenting areas such as the mountains meanwhile playing different songs with a flute of sorts. Often this god was portrayed as having forest nymphs surrounding him who enjoyed his every tune.

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